American 1 Credit Union wants to thank our members for choosing to finance local in 2017. We will be rewarding $1.5 million back to our members in January 2018!

All members who open a secured, closed ended loan between January-December 2017 will receive 50% of the interest they pay on their loan through December 2017 deposited back into their savings!

How To Qualify

  • Open a new secured, closed end loan between January and December 2017

  • Make all payments on all loans with American 1 Credit Union on time

  • Loan must still be with American 1 at the time of the rebate posting


  • Which loans don't qualify for The Great Giveback?
    • Home Equity, Home Equity LOC, Visa, and Personal Loans are not eligible. 

  • What if I miss a payment? 
    • In order to be eligible for The Great Giveback, all payments on all loans with American 1 must be paid on time. Late payments (meaning one day past due) will disqualify members for the rebate. 

  • Can I still defer payments for 90 days and receive my rebate? 
    • Yes! If you are eligible, you may do this option as well and receive the rebate. 

  • Can I still use Skip A Pay and still be eligible for my rebate? 
    • Yes! But make sure you complete the necessary paperwork in advance to ensure that you do not show a late payment on your account. 

  • Can I pay my loan off before the end of the year and still receive my rebate? 
    • No, your loan must still be open on the day of rebate disbursement - which will be no later than January 15, 2018. You may pay off your loan at any time after the refund is dispursed. 


If you have further questions, please come to your local American 1 Credit Union and ask to speak with a Member Services Specialist.

Disclosure: Must credit qualify. Qualifications for the $1.5 Million Back to Member Campaign: All closed-end, secured loans opened in 2017 are eligible for a fifty percent (50%) interest rebate. The 50% interest to be included for the rebate is the interest paid on the loan throughout 2017. The funds will be deposited to the eligible member's savings share at American 1 by January 15, 2018. If at any time during 2017 the loan becomes delinquent (one (1) or more days past due), if any other loan with American 1 becomes delinquent, or if the loan is no longer financed with American 1, the member will forfeit the rebate. Home equity loans do not qualify for the rebate, and refinances cannot be a current American 1 loan.